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ROBOSKULL™ MKII collector vehicle, RED SHADOWS™ Marauder action figures, and more! For lovers of 80s toys, robots, spaceships, and skulls!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Skateboards, Skeledrones, and Steel!
over 1 year ago – Fri, Nov 11, 2022 at 09:20:51 AM

Hello Roboskullers!

We just returned from the amazing Assembly Required event in Des Moines, Iowa!   This show is truly a joy to be a part of, and we had a blast showing off prototypes and meeting with so, so many of our Roboskuller MKII backers!  Thank you to the incredible Iowa showrunners, the vendors, and to all of you who made the journey!

Assembly Required is the Kid-friendliest!

SKELETRON offered a 40th Anniversary Action Force raffle, a Coloring Contest, Rad Stickers, and a Brand-New Promotional Fingerboard Skateboard:

The Red Shadows ROBOSKULL Fingerboard Featuring SKELETRON!

Skateboard Art & Toy Packaging Artist Tim Baron was the perfect fit for this project!  These fun fingerboards were a hit with kids and collectors alike, and if you're interested in picking up one of these boards, PLEASE follow Skeletron on Instagram and Skeletron on Facebook, as we'll be posting an update on these sometime soon!  You can also pick up this skateboard and even more Skeletron Swag this weekend at the UK's ROLL OUT ROLL CALL!   While we will not be in attendance ourselves, showrunner Dave Tree will have our Red Shadows contraband in hand, so definitely check out this British show if you're in the neighborhood!

Roll Out Roll Call, The UK Transformers, G.I. Joe & Action Force Show


As communicated last update, the tooling process has begun, and we're thrilled to share this image of our steel mold for the Assassin Skeledrones!  Terrifyingly beautiful, isn't it?




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Nerds and Tools and O-rings, oh my!
over 1 year ago – Sat, Oct 08, 2022 at 04:44:01 AM

Greetings Roboskullers!

We continue to toil away, sequestered in our secret underground lair- but we are briefly venturing out into the sunlight to attend two conventions in the next month:


SKELETRON is attending our local convention, NerdinOut Con, this weekend in Rochester, Minnesota. We're fortunate to have such an awesome toy store, Nerdin Out, right in our neighborhood who also puts together this convention every year!

SKELETRON at NerdinOut Con | Rochester, MN

We hope to see you there!   And then, four weeks from now, we will be in Iowa for Assembly Required! This GI Joe convention in beautiful Des Moines receives our highest possible recommendation-  don't miss it!



Our factory has informed us that tooling will begin being cut later this month!  This is an exciting next step as we have A LOT of tooling to work through, especially considering that you crazy awesome backers unlocked items (and associated tooling) that went far, far beyond our original, ambitious project scope.


As you already know, our 3.75" Retro Wolf Trooper also converts into the terrible, oh so very evil, Retro Skeletron.  Here's a fresh new photo that showcases this killer Grindstone design complete with laser sword!

Retro Skeletron/Wolf Trooper by Grindstone Toys & SKELETRON

We'll continue to keep you updated from the Red Shadows lair!

Thank you all!!!


over 1 year ago – Tue, Sep 06, 2022 at 09:21:24 PM


Watch out Roboskullers-  Marauder 4" WOLF TROOPERS coming at you!


We think you'll agree that the Wolf Trooper has turned out beautifully at the 4" Marauder/1:18 scale.   After these photos were taken we made some final enhancements to the jet pack, and we're ready to call it finished!


Mark's ZBrush View | O-Ring Articulation Engineering Review

Skeletron’s Mark O’Byrne has been working closely with Dave Proctor of Spartan Toys and John Kukovich and Troy McKie at Grindstone Toys to ensure that our Retro Skeletron/Wolf Trooper is fully engineered and ready for tooling.  This figure is the very first of many to utilize the new Grindstone figure buck, as this buck is also the basis for the upcoming CALLSIGN: LONGBOW and OPERATION: RECALL O-ring figure lines!

Mark's ZBrush View | Reinforced Crotch Shot


"50 feet tall, aerodynamic, designed to bring terror to every square of the planet."

Wordburglar's I GET TO DRIVE IT digital download is now available!  Check your inbox if you pre-ordered the ROBOSKULL MKII Vinyl Album in BackerKit.  Wordburglar delved deep into Palitoy lore and created a kickass track that every old-school fan will enjoy.  This song is Bob Brechin-approved!  Huge thanks to the awesome team who made this happen!  And check out this phenomenal new art by Brian Sauer:

Wordburglar's I GET TO DRIVE IT | Artwork by Brian Sauer

We continue to forge ahead and are making steady progress on all products.  This fall will be an important time to move everything into the next stages, so stay tuned!


Patents, Music, and More Retro Action Figure Action!
over 1 year ago – Sun, Aug 07, 2022 at 03:20:24 PM

Hello Roboskullers!  Progress continues, and here are the latest updates:

The Patent Pending ROBOSKULL MKII

We so appreciated all the recognition and support we received for the creativity and innovation we put into our ROBOSKULL MKII vehicle.  You might find it interesting that the ROBOSKULL MKII is Patent Pending!


The patent process is a long one, so expect a patent year!

Music Downloads for ROBOSKULL MKIIVinyl Record 

If you pre-ordered the ROBOSKULL MKII Vinyl Record during our BackerKit, you should have already received an email with your digital download of Cosmic Orphan's Wolf Like Me.   Cosmic Orphan's rendition of this song is truly remarkable!   We were beyond thrilled when Wordburglar signed up to create an original track for this project, and are pleased to announce that the digital download of Wordburglar's all-new song, I GET TO DRIVE IT, will drop later this month!


We love this music so much and we hope you do, too!   We also know you're all about the toys, and we'll continue to update you on our progress in the months ahead.  Lastly, we have an exciting Action Figure Community update to share with you:

Another Amazing Action Figure Kickstarter ENDS TOMORROW!


Legendary Creators Back on Active Duty!

Carson Mataxis (of fame) dreamed of creating his own action figure back in 1989.  33 years later,  G.I. Joe toy legends Ron Rudat, Kirk Bozigian, Doug Hart, Bill Merklein, Larry Hama, and Ed Morrill helped him bring his childhood figure to life.  This legendary team then took things even further by inviting fans to submit their own designs to be selected and immortalized as retro action figures!

OPERATION: RECALL is Live on Kickstarter!

Carson revealed the winning entries at JoeFest and we were able to witness multiple fans discover that their submissions were selected for this Kickstarter.  It was an amazing experience!  The creativity of the fandom is astounding and we want to see every one of these amazing figure concepts unlocked when this campaign ends Sunday.   ELEVEN unique figures have already been unlocked with EIGHT more just waiting to be unlocked!  These retro O-ring figures will be fully compatible with our SKELETRON Wolf Trooper Retro figure and the upcoming Callsign: Longbow action figures.  Please take a look at OPERATION: RECALL right now- you won't be disappointed!



Red Shadows Raid JoeFest!
over 1 year ago – Fri, Jul 01, 2022 at 10:58:18 PM

Red Shadows Raid JoeFest!

Team SKELETRON had a truly amazing time at JoeFest in Augusta, Georgia last weekend!  If you were able to join us there, you saw an entire squadron of our toy-maker friends:   Marauder "Gun-Runners", SKELETRON,  Raginspoon Toys, Callsign: Longbow, and Animal Warriors of the Kingdom were all lined up in a row!  And of course, there were so many more awesome booths and killer toys to see as well.

SKELETRON at JoeFest 2022 | photo by Leonard Shaw

 For this update, we are showing photos that were taken by fellow Roboskuller, Leonard Shaw.  Thank you for the photos, Leonard!  It was great meeting Leonard and so many more of you at the show!   The most consistent comment we heard from backers at our booth was "WOW.  It's even bigger than I thought!"

SKELETRON at JoeFest 2022 | photo by Leonard Shaw

We have SO MANY people to thank for helping us showcase our progress at JoeFest:

FRED ACZON | Sculpting

JUSTIN ROSS | 3d Printing


BRANDON LACY | 4" Painting  & Heavy Transportation

MATTHEW LECROY | 0-Ring Painting

JAMES HARROD | Decal Printing

SEAN HARKER | Showroom Manager

R. CARSON MATAXIS | Panel A/V Master

3.75" O-Ring Retro SKELETRON/WOLF TROOPER | painted by Matthew LeCroy
4" Marauder BLOOD WOLF | painted by Brandon Lacy
4" Marauder RED WEASEL | painted by Brandon Lacy
4" Marauder GYRE WOLF | casting by Raginspoon Paul
6" Marauder WOLF TROOPER | 3d Printed by Justin Ross

We were thrilled to show off our new preproduction sculpts and decos!   We also showed a functional rough print of the ROBOKNIGHT HEAVY METAL ARMOR and more! If you want to see even more photos, PLEASE JOIN US in the SKELETRON SECRET LAB!

Thank You to EVERYONE who attended the show and helped make it possible!



P.S.   HUUUUUGE CONGRATULATIONS to the G.I. JOE Classified Team for their rapid-fire massively-scaled HasLab success with the G.I. Joe Classified Series Cobra H.I.S.S.   WE LOVE IT!!!!!