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Red Shadows, Shows, & Shots
3 months ago – Sun, Nov 12, 2023 at 11:18:01 AM

Hello Roboskullers!

The SKELETRON Crew was in full force in attendance at the Assembly Required GI Joe convention in Des Moines, Iowa last weekend.  Thank you to the incredible team at Codename: Iowa for hosting this event, to the wonderful vendors, and to all of you who made the journey (and especially fellow Roboskuller Mark Seddon, who flew to us from the UK)!

SKELETRON Crew at Assembly Required '23

It was so much fun to catch up with friends and great to be able to show our progress to fellow Roboskullers at the event-  test shots, factory samples, and new packaging.

SKELETRON booth tabletop at Assembly Required '23

It is with great excitement that we reveal to you the next packaging art illustration by world-renowned artist Alex Horley- GYRE WOLF!

GYRE WOLF by Alex Horley

We hope you'll agree this piece is nothing short of spectacular, and Horley's artwork also hints at something special about GYRE WOLF's capabilities, yet to be revealed.   A few GYRE facts:

  • File Name:  Gary Goggles
  • All proceeds from the sale of GYRE WOLF go to the family of Gary "Goggles" Head
  • GYRE WOLF was not a part of the Roboskull MKII Kickstarter, but was made available as an add-on during the BackerKit
  • GYRE WOLF's datafile bio was written by Glenn Winkler, who along with some other friends, assisted us in creating elements of the GYRE WOLF character
  • Pre-orders for 4" GYRE WOLF will close at month end (11/30)

Production at our factory continues for our next wave of fulfillment:

We will end pre-orders for these three items on November 30th, and production of these figures may still finish in time to allow product to arrive in the US before year-end!

Gratuitous Retro Shot from Factory

We continue to make tooling progress on the ROBOSKULL MKII vehicle, and all molded first shot parts should be completed in the next few short weeks.  We recently received test shots for the "Breath of Death" lightning blast effect, and are excited to share these images with you.  We were not satisfied with the overall sculpt of this blast effect on our prototype, so Mark O'Byrne created a new sculpt to better capture the "crackling lightning" effect, and we absolutely love the final effect!

BREATH OF DEATH resculpt by Mark O'Byrne | TEST SHOT

Here's also a first look at the first shot Prisoner Transport (& Skeledrone Transport), which is looking absolutely fantastic:

ROBOSKULL MKII Prisoner Transport | First Shot

As we approach Thanksgiving and the 2-year mark of the Kickstarter ending, we are so thankful for the support you have provided, and the support you continue to provide.  Your continued positivity is so appreciated, especially given that we've fallen short of our target date for fulfillment.  You're all awesome, and we remain entirely dedicated to providing you with the best, most kickass toys possible.



5 months ago – Sat, Oct 07, 2023 at 10:09:39 PM

Hello Roboskullers!

We're absolutely PUMPED to update you on the latest developments from our Red Shadows Lair and share some amazing test shots we've received for the patent-pending Roboskull MKII.  We'll cover two really cool and fun first shots in this update:

We received the (swappable) 6" seat and it looks killer!  The ball-socketed control sticks are working great on this first round, and they provide a satisfying amount of movement while you place your figure into the seat and pose him.  Some other adjustments will need to be made, as always, but overall this first shot looks fantastic.


We also received some first shot wing samples!  The wings are one of the things we've been most excited to see because our prototype model was not quite able to achieve the true aesthetic we've been planning to execute for the wings.  You'll notice in the images below that the wings have a really beautiful translucency to them, which shifts as the thickness of the part itself varies.  We'll be dialing in the exact amount of tint we want to use to achieve this, but even this first shot really demonstrates what the effect will be like for the final product.


Our 6" figures are also charging ahead!  Here's a 6" print of our Gary head and the helm for GYRE WOLF that is being used to create the tooling for the figures.  With this larger 1:12 format, we've been able to add some really nice details to these 6" sculpts that will shine through on the final figures:


Though we've kept much of his development behind closed doors, progress continues to be made on our 4" and 6" Skeletron, and he is looking more tremendous by the day.  Our Red Shadows Commander will be awesome, and Alex Horley has completed the packaging art to match-  we're excited to show him to you soon!

We're also extremely excited to announce that 4" WOLF TROOPER & 4" GYRE WOLF are beginning production this month!  Our factory plans to ship these by early November in order for us to deliver these figures, along with our Grindstone Retro Wolf Trooper figure, in December.  While further delays are still a possibility, we've worked through every detail and made every minor, but important tooling adjustment with the factory to ensure these figures are fully ready and are the best they can be.  We'd like to thank Dave Proctor in Hong Kong for his meticulous attention to detail and passion for quality toymaking.  Thank you, Dave!  Getting it just right has taken time, and we are so happy these next figures will soon be on their way to you!  Here's a quick pic of our new 4" Marauder Wolf Trooper factory sample, just hanging around on the desk with some of our current favorite toys: 

4" Marauder Wolf Trooper in the SKELETRON Office

This updated schedule is below, which reflects December as our next estimated delivery:

PHASE A | COMPLETE (early shipment)



  • ROBOSKULL Vinyl Record Delivered AUGUST 
  • Retro O-Ring SKELETRON/WOLF TROOPER figure – Estimated Delivery DECEMBER 
  • 4" Marauder WOLF TROOPER figure – Estimated Delivery DECEMBER 
  • 4" Marauder GYRE WOLF figure – Estimated Delivery DECEMBER 


  • ROBOSKULL MKII vehicle with 4" Marauder BLOOD WOLF pilot
  • ROBOSKULL MKII SE vehicle with 4" Marauder RED WEASEL pilot
  • 4" Marauder JUNGLE WOLF TROOPER figure


  • 4" Marauder SKELETRON figure
  • 6" Marauder SKELETRON figure
  • 6" Marauder WOLF TROOPER figure
  • 6" Marauder GYRE WOLF figure
  • 6" Marauder JUNGLE WOLF TROOPER figure
  • TOTAL ROBOSKULL Deluxe Hardcover Book

We appreciate your continued patience, and we hope you're enjoying this journey with us.  And in case you haven't yet joined our SKELETRON SECRET LAB OF SECRETS on Facebook, here's a shot of our 6" prototypes (note, not final) that Mark O'Byrne shared a few weeks back:


Interested in SKELETRON secrets?  We will again be in Des Moines, Iowa for ASSEMBLY REQUIRED on November 3rd & 4th. WE LOVE THIS SHOW!  If you've never been and you like GI Joe a little bit, and there's a slight possibility you could attend-  you really need to check it out!  We'll have the latest updates from the factory at our booth and, like at JoeFest, we'll have a free, small gift for our RED SHADOWS faithful (Just whisper "Red Shadows" to someone on the team.)  SKELETRON's Ben Conway & Mark O'Byrne will be there, joined by Mark's youngest daughter (Assembly Required is VERY kid-friendly), our great friend and supporter Sean Harker, and the talented Cory Cantelupe!  Of course we'll also be joined by other talented creators, fun & friendly toy sellers, and so, so, so many cool collectors-  you really should meet them!

Visit SKELETRON at Assembly Required in Des Moines, Iowa! | November 3rd & 4th, 2023

Lastly, there's a super rad, very special Kickstarter campaign happening right now that we think you'll want to know about.  What could possibly be more metal, more badass, than a Flying Armored Red Skull with Laser Beams?!  It just might be Armored Dinosaur Riders with Laser Beams!!!!  And THE ARMOR TRANSFORMS INTO ROBOTS.   No, seriously, we're not even making that part up!  CYBERZOIC is an amazing new world created by Creative Beast Studio founder David Silva, and we think this new action figure line might be the ONLY thing that could stand to survive against our ROBOSKULL MKII & RED SHADOWS Army!  Oh, and did we mention they fight dragons!?!?  THE DINOSAUR RIDERS WITH TRANSFORMING ARMOR AND LASER BEAMS FIGHT AGAINST ALIEN DRAGONS!  Check it out-  Live on Kickstarter Now!


That's all for now, and as always THANK YOU!  Thank you for backing this project, and thank you for being an amazing part of our action figure community!  We hope to see you in Iowa!


September Status
5 months ago – Sun, Sep 17, 2023 at 10:48:08 AM

Hello Roboskullers!  Here's the latest on our journey through space and time to create the most amazing Red Shadows™ action figures and vehicles possible!


We have received word from our factory that production has commenced on our Retro O-Ring Skeletron/Wolf Trooper!  Maximum effort has been put forth to make these new O-ring figures fresh and awesome and emulate the vintage look and feel of our favorite retro figures of the past.  We can't wait to put these figures into your hands!

Retro O-Ring Skeletron & Wolf Troopers | Production samples | Photo by Eddie Merriken

Our 4" Marauder Wolf Troopers have also progressed, and the latest factory test shots look excellent.  We have some further small adjustments to make before GYRE WOLF and these modern Marauder WOLF TROOPERS follow our Retro figure into production.  We expect the completion dates for these figures to be coming up soon, and you'll be the first to know once we have confirmed dates!


6" figures are advancing, and we should be seeing tooling for these relatively soon.  PLEASE JOIN US IN SKELETRON SECRET LAB for an upcoming Secret Lab of Secrets 6" photo reveal!   Tooling progress continues on the Roboskull MKII, and we have our very first MKII first shot sample in hand:


Due to the complexity of the interaction between components of the MKII, we'll need to see most of the tooling and first shots completed before the fine-tuning of the molds will commence.


SKELETRON is thrilled to again be in attendance for ASSEMBLY REQUIRED in Des Moines, Iowa on November 3rd & 4th!  This is a "Can't Miss" show for Ben Conway & Mark O'Byrne, who will be joined this year by Cory Cantelupe!

ASSEMBLY REQURED | Iowa G.I. JOE Convention | November 3 & 4

Assembly Required 2023 will be a ripping good time as we raise a grape soda to carouse, converse and celebrate everyone’s favorite mayhem-making mercenaries and maniacs from the marsh — The Dreadnoks!

This 12th annual G.I. Joe fan convention will give collectors, creators, and new recruits even more Joe content over the course of two days — including customs classes, panel discussions, vendors, contests, prize giveaways and more.

Don’t let anything throw a monkeywrench into your plans. Mark the dates, tear the tarp off your swamp skier and prepare to set course for Des Moines, IA.

Learn more about this very special show on the Facebook Assembly Required 2023 Event Page, Codename: Iowa Facebook page, or at!


If you're following SKELETRON on Facebook or Instagram, you've seen our latest video!  This is a continuation of our first animation, now featuring our beloved, creepy, crawly Assassin Skeledrones.  We hope you love it!

 As always, thank you for your continued support!  🏴‍☠️


Steel Skulls & Pressed Vinyl
6 months ago – Tue, Aug 15, 2023 at 09:14:30 PM

Hello Roboskullers!

We're back from an incredible weekend at Power-Con in Columbus, Ohio, and it was absolutely awesome!  The show exceeded all expectations, and we thank everyone who took the time to chat with us as we wandered the spectacular halls of Power-Con for three days.  For those who were able to attend, you witnessed the magic firsthand.  If you couldn't attend this year, mark your calendars for next year, as we're already looking forward to returning to this phenomenal event!

The work at our factory continues, and we have a striking photo to share: the fearsome visage of the Roboskull MKII has been imprinted onto a massive block of steel.  We think you'll agree – it's as metal as it gets!


The test shot revisions for the Retro Skeletron/Wolf Trooper have now successfully concluded.  Our factory team is now putting the finishing touches on the paint applications and skull & crossbones logo before we initiate full production.  Here's another glimpse of the in-process O-ring figure, nearly to its final form:

Retro O-Ring Skeletron/Wolf Trooper (not final)

Another announcement – the BackerKit 7" Vinyl album is ready to rock and roll!  We're bursting with excitement over this killer addition to the Roboskull MKII adventure that features an electrifying rendition of "Wolf Like Me" by Cosmic Orphan and an original track titled "I Get to Drive It", where Blood Wolf opines and rhymes on the menacing Roboskull.  Written and performed by Wordburglar, and produced by Christopher McLeod, aka Diagnostik80, this is a can't miss for Roboskull fans!

ROBOSKULL Vinyl Record featuring Wordburglar & Cosmic Orphan

The vinyl record also features a beautiful, two-sided "double cover" design.  One side showcases artwork by the legendary Ken Kelly,  and the other boasts an illustration by Brian Sauer, who is also the mastermind of the album layout.  Inside, you'll find the lyrics to "I Get to Drive It," as well as a 2-panel "mini-poster" showcasing patent drawings of the ROBOSKULL MKII.

Dedicated to KEN KELLY (1946-2022)

This BackerKit Roboskull Vinyl Record was not part of the original Kickstarter campaign and is available for pre-order through our Pre-Order Store.  Shipments are planned to commence processing on Monday, August 21st. If you've pre-ordered the record and your address has changed, please ensure you update it by Saturday, August 19th.  If you lost your BackerKit Survey, you can have it resent to you via email by visiting this web page: If you need assistance with this address update, please reach out to us via Kickstarter messages or email us at [email protected] and we'll be happy to update your address in our system for you.  All pre-orders made by Saturday also include a complimentary digital download for both tracks!

This August shipment of our vinyl record is the only change to our most recent projected schedule:

PHASE A | COMPLETE (early shipment)



  •  ROBOSKULL Vinyl Record (update: Vinyl to ship in AUGUST) 
  • Retro O-Ring SKELETRON/WOLF TROOPER figure
  • 4" Marauder WOLF TROOPER figure
  • 4" Marauder GYRE WOLF figure


  • ROBOSKULL MKII vehicle with 4" Marauder BLOOD WOLF pilot
  • ROBOSKULL MKII SE vehicle with 4" Marauder RED WEASEL pilot
  • 4" Marauder JUNGLE WOLF TROOPER figure


  • 4" Marauder SKELETRON figure
  • 6" Marauder SKELETRON figure
  • 6" Marauder WOLF TROOPER figure
  • 6" Marauder GYRE WOLF figure
  • 6" Marauder JUNGLE WOLF TROOPER figure
  • TOTAL ROBOSKULL Deluxe Hardcover Book

Thank you you for your unwavering support on this journey!


Fresh Plastic, Fresh Paint
7 months ago – Wed, Jul 26, 2023 at 06:20:33 AM

Hello Roboskullers,

It's time for another fresh ROBOSKULL MKII Kickstarter update!

Fresh Plastic

With the 4" trooper ABS tooling completed, we now have our first complete look at our first shot 4" Marauder Wolf Trooper!   We couldn't be happier with this first shot! There are just a few adjustments to be made, and this is going to be one gorgeous figure.  Check out these killer poses by our toy-making sensei, Dave Proctor:

First Shot | 4" WOLF TROOPER | Photos by Dave Proctor

We've also received another round of updated test shots for the Retro O-ring Skeletron/Wolf Trooper figure-  check out our SKELETRON SECRET LAB Group on Facebook for a SURPRISE feature on the Retro figure that we posted on the 24th.  Not on Facebook?  Alright, we'll  also post it to our SKELETRON Instagram Story soon.  Not on either?  OK, we get it- but you're missing out on some fun!

Fresh Paint

If you're following us on social media, you're already aware of our amazing new packaging artist.  We couldn't be more thrilled for this exciting collaboration with world-renowned artist Alex Horley, who is creating captivating packaging art for this ROBOSKULL™ MKII Kickstarter campaign!

4" Wolf Trooper Cardback | Art by Alex Horley

This endeavor holds a special significance as Alex Horley continues the artistic legacy left by the late Ken Kelly, who sadly passed away last year. Inspired by Ken Kelly's iconic Micronauts packaging, Alex Horley embarked on a journey that eventually led him to meet and forge a close friendship with his childhood idol two decades later. We invite you to read the full, remarkable story in the latest issue of ToyCollectr magazine. This deep-diving action figure magazine is available in print for purchase online and can also be found in select Barnes & Noble bookstores.

Get ready for more stunning, immersive artwork in the months ahead, beautifully brought to life by the artistic prowess of Alex Horley!

Further Fresh

Steady progress continues on all products, with Roboskull™ MKII tooling moving ahead, additional progress on the 6" figures, and the robotic Skeletron himself!

POWER-CON | America's Mightiest Toy Convention | August 11-13, 2023

While SKELETRON™ will NOT have a booth at Power-Con in Columbus, Ohio next month,  many other awesome indie toy companies will be there, and we continue to hear great things about "America's Mightiest Toy Convention!"  If you are in attendance and happen to see SKELETRON's Ben Conway and/or Mark O'Byrne wandering the halls (or the bars), please stop us, say "Hello" and whisper "Red Shadows" to receive a small, fun Red Shadows™ promo item as a free gift!

Lastly, if you haven't already done so, we'd love for you to join us on Instagram,  Facebook, and in our Secret Group on Facebook, too!  As a reminder, our Pre-order Store re-opened last month, and remains open at this time.