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ROBOSKULL™ MKII collector vehicle, RED SHADOWS™ Marauder action figures, and more! For lovers of 80s toys, robots, spaceships, and skulls!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Revised Fulfillment Schedule
about 1 year ago – Sun, Jan 15, 2023 at 09:15:49 PM

Hello Roboskullers!

We hope you had a wonderful holiday.  Assassin Skeledrones have now been successfully deployed to more than twenty countries, which is pretty cool.  We continue to enjoy seeing all of your creative posts with these creepy crawlers- It’s fantastic when a plan comes together!

Skeledrone Factory by Brian Hickey


In our December 3rd update, we mentioned that some of this project (Assassin Skeledrones) was ahead of schedule, some was pacing on time, and some progress was running a bit behind where we would ideally like it to be.  We have continued to work closely with our factory team since that time, and our overall progress is not as far along as we would like it to be heading into the Chinese New Year.  Based on our most recent review, we believe that our fulfillment timeline must be revised, and we are now projecting that the balance of fulfillment will likely occur in late summer.

We sincerely apologize for this schedule change, and please know that we are working diligently to complete this project as quickly as possible, at the quality level you (and we) expect.  Several factors have contributed to the need for a revised schedule, and we determined our tooling progress is currently not where it needs to be to meet the original schedule.  Thanks to your amazing support, we added 7 stretch goals during the Kickstarter that were beyond our planned 6 stretch goals (and beyond our wildest dreams), many of which required additional design, sculpting, and tooling (ROBOKNIGHT HEAVY METAL ARMOR, ROBOGLOW EYES, ELITE FLIGHT STAND, 6” CHARACTER KIT, 4” SKELETRON, 6” SKELETRON). Though we planned to absorb all of this within our original timeline, additional time will be needed to complete the entire scope of the project.


To best serve you, our Kickstarter (& BackerKit) backers, it is possible that we will again split shipments and “phase” products to deliver some items to you earlier than others (at SKELETRON’s added expense).  We are working on all items concurrently, and the final sequence of completions will not be able to be announced until we are closer to fulfillment.  Our entire team remains as dedicated as ever, and we greatly appreciate your patience and continued support as we work toward completion.  We believe it will be well worth the wait.

Thank you!

Ben, Mark, & Team SKELETRON

Skeledrones Swarm & Happy New Year! (& Last Chance for $15 Skeledrone 3-packs)
about 1 year ago – Sun, Jan 01, 2023 at 03:40:52 AM

Hello Roboskullers!

Assassin Skeledrones are appearing everywhere, and we hope you are following us on Instagram, and Facebook, and our SKELETRON SECRET LAB to enjoy these with us and your fellow Roboskullers!  THANK YOU for sharing your experiences and for all the creative photos and videos.  Seeing you receive this, our very first toy, has been an absolute joy.  We also know that some of you are still awaiting delivery, and we thank you for your patience as our 'drones travel the globe to find you!

REMINDER: The Pre-order Store is closing today, and this is the LAST CHANCE to order the Assassin Skeledrones 3-pack at the special $15 plus shipping price!

Photo by Eddie Merriken, aka @billykessler

THANK YOU to Eddie Merriken for providing so many phenomenal photos of the SKELEDRONES in action!  Eddie uses all practical effects for his photography and the results are spectacular. Please follow him on Instagram @billykessler!

Photo by Eddie Merriken, aka @billykessler

THANK YOU to fellow Roboskuller Gary Gorzoch for lending a helping hand as we put the finishing touches on our ASSASSIN SKELEDRONES packaging.  Please check out his phenomenal work at @GARYG_DJSHAG on Instagram- you're going to love it!

Order NOW! Special $15 price ends 12/31!

Again, thank you so much for your support and we look forward to updating you on our continued progress in the New Year. 



Holiday Skeledrones Shipping Now
about 1 year ago – Thu, Dec 15, 2022 at 09:54:18 PM


SKELEDRONES are shipping now from our Red Shadows Secret Base*! (*Located in New Jersey)


Please check your email (and your SPAM folder) for your Tracking Number, as 98% of orders have now been shipped.  European Union backers, we are experiencing a short delay in processing your Duties Prepaid Shipments, which will be shipped very soon- please accept our apologies for the wait.  (Note that other Duties Prepaid Shipments to Canada & UK have shipped.)  Email notifications from our Fulfillment center will appear like this:


WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR YOU TO GET THESE IN HAND!  These are an appetizer to our upcoming ROBOSKULL MKII Kickstarter feast, and we are so happy to be able to ship our first item to you five months ahead of our planned fulfillment schedule.  Though small in stature, we put a lot into these 5 POA killers to make them the best they could be!

You'll notice that we subtitled these "FACTION 4 Series", as these creepy crawlers have heads that are compatible & swappable with Marauder Task Force 4" figures.

Most SKELETRON action figures fall under one of two major categories:

  •  FACTION 4 SERIES | Modern 1:18 scale (~4" figures)
  •  SECTOR 6 SERIES | Modern 1:12 scale  (~6" figures)

Of course, our 3.75" Retro O-ring figure will proudly stand alongside many upcoming Callsign: Longbow & Operation: Recall O-ring figures.  More on that later!

FUN FACT: Despite being constructed with a head at 1:18 scale, ASSASSIN SKELEDRONES were first conceived with 1:12 scale collectors in mind! Given that the ROBOSKULL MKII prisoner transport is not sized to hold a 6" figure, we developed a number of concepts that would make the transport useful for 6" figures (and 4" figures, too).  Ideating with Bob Brechin and the Roboskull MKII team, we ultimately decided that a trio of creepy robots, the SKELEDRONES, would be the coolest cargo to load into the transport. Offered as a stretch goal included with the MKII, and then also as a 3-pack, these nightmarish automatons are poised to eliminate threats to the Red Shadows of any size!

More Concept Art forthcoming in the TOTAL ROBOSKULL Hardcover!

As you receive these, our very first SKELETRON toys, we welcome your feedback and hope you'll share images of SKELEDRONE SWARMS overwhelming figures of every scale you collect!  We also hope you enjoy the carded packaging and that it lives up to our "Beautifully Packaged" promise!



P.S. The special $15 price on the Assassin Skeledrone 3-pack is available until December 31st.  We also have a small inventory of additional expedited 3-packs that are in-stock NOW!  (With more inventory due to arrive in the New Year.)

about 1 year ago – Mon, Dec 05, 2022 at 08:49:01 PM

OK Roboskull friends, if your BackerKit shipping address is not current, PLEASE UPDATE IT NOW (we need you to update it in the next 48 hours- exciting).  This applies to all backers who will receive the ASSASSIN SKELEDRONE 3-pack.  THANK YOU!

If you have moved or just want to double-check your shipping address, you can access your BackerKit survey through the link in your BackerKit survey EMAIL.   If you can't locate your email, simply click here and input your email address to receive a fresh email with link:

Thank you for your attention to this as we prepare for this early shipment!


P.S. For your reading convenience (just in case you missed it), below is a repost of our 12/3/2022 Backer Update


REPOST of 12/3/22 Update:

ROBOSKULLERS, we have a truly EXCITING update for you!  Operating in total secrecy, the SKELETRON team has been toiling towards this SURPRISE announcement:

ASSASSIN SKELEDRONE 3-packs have SHIPPED from the factory!

What does this mean?  It means we believe we will be receiving the current Kickstarter & BackerKit pre-order inventory of ASSASSIN SKELEDRONE 3-packs later this month, and we believe they may ship from our US-based fulfillment center before Christmas.

  •  WHAT: Marauder ASSASSIN SKELEDRONE 3-pack 
  •  WHEN: About SIX MONTHS EARLIER than our planned fulfillment! 
  •  WHY: We're mysterious, we love fun surprises, we love Christmas, and WE LOVE YOU, our Kickstarter supporters! 
  • WHO gets it:

 - Kickstarter All-IN Backers
- Kickstarter RED SHADOWS ELITE Backers
- Kickstarter Pledges & Add-ons for the Marauder ASSASSIN SKELEDRONE 3-pack
- BackerKit Add-ons and BackerKit Pre-orders for Marauder ASSASSIN SKELEDRONE 3-pack
IMPORTANT NOTE:  (3) Assassin Skeledrones are included with ROBOSKULL MKII & ROBOSKULL MKII SE vehicles.  Those Skeledrones will be shipped inside the ROBOSKULL box and are not part of this early shipment!
If you did not pledge for the ASSASSIN SKELEDRONE 3-pack, but want in on this exciting Early Strike delivery, click this link and Order the Marauder ASSASSIN SKELEDRONE 3-pack NOW!  We appreciate ALL of your support and don't want you to miss out on this early surprise, so we've expedited a few hundred additional units for our Kickstarter backers who might have missed this item and now want to order.  You must use the Pre-Order store to add items at this time, as additional items will not be added to your Kickstarter/BackerKit survey.  Once these expedited units are gone, the balance of ASSASSIN SKELEDRONE 3-packs will ship early in the New Year.  Please also be aware that the $15 Pre-order price is only available until the end of this month! 

  • HOW: We've been working towards this for quite some time, and it was only possible through truly heroic efforts from our teammates in Asia!  Our factory came up huge for us, and we thank Dave Proctor & Alex Wu who continue to make the ROBOSKULL MKII project exceed our expectations.  THANK YOU!

If you moved or just want to double-check your shipping address, you can access your BackerKit survey through the link in your BackerKit survey EMAIL.   If you can't locate your email, simply click here and input your email address to receive a fresh email with link:

Additional information (FAQ):
Q:  The Skeledrones are still in transit, so could they be delayed?
A: YES.  Although we are using FedEx to expedite your Skeledrones ahead of ocean freight, they could still be unexpectedly delayed.   The reason we are dropping this news now, and not waiting until these hit our US fulfillment center, is that we needed to give all our backers the opportunity to update their shipping address.

Q: This is amazing news!  Does this mean that the rest of the project is ahead of schedule?
A: NO.  While some of this project is (clearly) ahead of schedule, some is simply on-time for May fulfillment, and some progress is a bit behind from where we would ideally like it to be.  We are still driving hard toward May fulfillment, and we'll continue to update you with our progress.

Q: How will I know when the shipment comes in and if the SKELEDRONES have been shipped to me?
A: STAY TUNED.  We'll be in touch!

Q: Are these Skeledrones compatible with Marauder Task Force?
A: YES!  SKELETRON figures are Powered by Marauder Task Force and this robotic skull head is swappable with Marauder figures (and Marauder heads are also compatible with the SKELEDRONE body).  You can order Marauder Task Force figures here:  MARAUDER GUN-RUNNERS   Have fun customizing!

Q: This seems like a lot of extra shipping- will I be charged for this additional, early shipment?
A: Absolutely Not.  SKELETRON has absorbed these additional costs as our gift to you!

We hope this update brings you some holiday cheer, and we wish you all a wonderful Holiday season!

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about 1 year ago – Sun, Dec 04, 2022 at 04:01:53 AM

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