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Latest Updates from Our Project:

Year of the Dragon, Year of the Roboskull
about 11 hours ago – Sat, Feb 24, 2024 at 08:00:53 PM

Hello Roboskullers,

In the realm of Chinese astrology, the Year of the Wood Dragon has arrived, foretelling growth, vitality, and the blossoming of wisdom in the year ahead.

This is also the Year of the Roboskull!  

Though our factory has been shut down this month for Chinese New Year, we've been working closely with our production manager and the factory owner, who shipped us updated samples of many items.  Here's a glimpse of what we received, and what's happening:

  • Our MKII pilots, Blood Wolf & Red Weasel, are complete and began in production prior to the CNY shutdown.  We received final production samples and they are very, very cool!
Production figures | Blood Wolf & Red Weasel
Production figures | Blood Wolf & Red Weasel
  • Updated Roboskull MKII test shots (2 complete sets) were received in the US in absolutely gorgeous translucent black and red molded colors.
  • These test shots are looking and working great.  Important fit and function details have been improved through multiple tooling revisions.
  • Some aspects of the MKII still require further revision, which will prevent us from beginning full-swing production of the MKII as our factory begins to reopen.
Revised Test Shot | ROBOSKULL MKII
  • We also received some first shot components for our 6" Trooper, and the rendition of detail we are seeing is excellent:
  • We received final production samples of the 4" Jungle Wolf Trooper, and we can say with confidence that he is marvelous.  Production of this figure also began prior to the CNY shutdown.
MARAUDER 4" Jungle Wolf Trooper

What does all this mean for our schedule?   We are continuing to push very hard for Late Spring delivery, and have been particularly keen about fulfilling our next phase, Phase C, before JoeFest.  However, taking into consideration all factors, we believe we are at high risk of falling short of this goal.  Based on everything we know at this time, our most likely schedule is as follows:

PHASE A | COMPLETE (early shipment)



  • ROBOSKULL Vinyl Record – Shipped August ‘23
  • Retro O-Ring SKELETRON/WOLF TROOPER figure – Shipped January 
  • 4" Marauder WOLF TROOPER figure – Shipped January 
  • 4" Marauder GYRE WOLF figure – Shipped January 


  • ROBOSKULL MKII vehicle with 4" Marauder BLOOD WOLF pilot
  • ROBOSKULL MKII SE vehicle with 4" Marauder RED WEASEL pilot
  • 4" Marauder JUNGLE WOLF TROOPER figure


  • 4" Marauder SKELETRON figure
  • 6" Marauder SKELETRON figure
  • 6" Marauder WOLF TROOPER figure
  • 6" Marauder GYRE WOLF figure
  • 6" Marauder JUNGLE WOLF TROOPER figure
  • TOTAL ROBOSKULL Deluxe Hardcover Book

We're sorry that we are again experiencing delays during this project.  As we stated during the Kickstarter- when faced with any potential quality issue during development, we will compromise our timeline but never the product itself.   We'd also like to recognize that you all have been AMAZING and EXCEPTIONAL at every step of the way.  Thank you!

Speaking of Amazing and Exceptional:

The reception to our 4" Marauder Wolf Trooper, 4" Marauder Gyre Wolf, and 3.75" Grindstone Retro Trooper/Skeletron has been nothing short of spectacular.  Thank you for sharing your experiences with these figures with our collector community!  Fueled solely by your support and shares, we very unexpectedly ran out of stock on the Retro Trooper in mere days, and our Wolf Trooper & Gyre Wolf stock is barely holding.   But have no fear!   We have a second (albeit much smaller) inventory of Retro Troopers on the way, that will arrive in early March, along with our balance of 4" Wolf Troopers & Gyre Wolf inventory.   If for some reason you want to pick up some more figures but haven't yet, there's no need to hit the secondary market. (Not yet, anyway!)

We also absolutely loved watching everyone's discovery of some hidden features that remained a bit of a mystery before the release of the figures.   Some of the highlights:

  • Retro pistol fits into the back of the Retro figure
  • Laser Sword and Claw fit onto the Jetpack of the Retro figure
  • Across these three new figures, there are three Glow-in-the-Dark pieces.  Did you find them all?

We are extremely pleased with how these figures turned out, and from everywhere we looked, you are all very happy with them, too!   

We will also always listen to constructive criticism, and there were a few reviewers who lamented the need for a screwdriver to swap heads on our Retro figure.  There are two primary reasons we elected to do this:

1.  Utility:  Two "full" heads (instead of "pop & swap") allow customizers the option to make use of the bonus head on another vintage figure.
2. Nostalgia:  Using a screwdriver to swap heads maximizes the vintage experience we are striving to create with this figure.  We hope the experience unlocked a childhood memory, or at least was a lot of fun!
The design, quality, and attention to detail that you are experiencing with these figures are indicative of the product we will deliver for the balance of this project.   Again, thank you for your support!


Visit for Store, Pre-orders, and more!



PHASE B Deployed | Behold, SKELETRON!
24 days ago – Wed, Jan 31, 2024 at 11:10:12 PM

Hello Roboskullers,

We are so excited to talk about our newly shipped Retro O-Ring Wolf Trooper/Skeletron, 4" Wolf Trooper, and 4" Gyre Wolf, and we also have a month-end update on our Skeletron action figure!

PHASE B Deployed!

The last of our Phase B Pre-orders shipped on Tuesday, January 30th.  We have already been overwhelmed by the positive reactions we've been receiving to these figures.  To everyone who has already received their figures and shared their thoughts and photos online- THANK YOU!  It really makes this journey feel worthwhile for us.  Please keep them coming!

GYRE WOLF | Photo by George Greenoe @micro_action_photo

We know that many of you have not yet received your figures, and we are SO EXCITED for you to have these figures in-hand.   We've also been fielding many questions as to when these figures will be available for purchase again.   Although our store at is locked and loaded, we are going to wait at least a few more days before placing these figures into our store so that those of you who waited for such a long time can enjoy them before we offer them to the rest of the collector community.


We'd also like to again thank our collaborators on these figures, Marauder GR and Grindstone Toys!  Their guidance and partnership has been crucial to the success of these figures.  There have also been so, so many others who also contributed to the designs, sculpts, datafile bios, and more on these figures.  We'll be sharing more of our collaborator process online, so please keep watching. 

We hope this current shipment brings you joy as you await the next phases of this project!  We recognize that we still have a long way to go to completion, and our 6" figure supporters have an even longer wait than our O-Ring and modern 4" friends.  The Roboskull® MKII is making considerable progress, though some further tooling revisions are still underway.  The factory has just closed for Chinese New Year, so there will not be any significant progress in the next month.   We are in ongoing meetings with our Hong Kong team, and will provide a more detailed update on the remaining phases for you in February.


Skeletron® has remained the most mysterious figure within this Kickstarter project.  Today we are revealing our packaging art, the final sculpt, and some surprise additional accessories for our Red Shadows® Commander!

SKELETRON illustration by Alex Horley

Alex Horley has again brought his tremendous skills to our Red Shadows packaging art.  Not only did Alex paint this amazing work of art, he provided the art direction and is the mastermind behind the entire composition of this truly stunning piece.  Thank you, Alex!

Dave Proctor has been an integral part of this entire project, and he also took on the task of sculpting our very special Skeletron action figure.  Beyond sculpting this truly terrifying leader in incredible detail, Dave has also taken it upon himself to create an enhanced articulation method that will be first demonstrated in our 4" , and then our 6" Skeletron figure.  More on that to come...

Keen-eyed backers may notice that we've re-sculpted Skeletron's ferocious laser sword, which will now include 2 different energy blades for both "at-the-ready" and "sword-swinging" effects.  Skeletron will also come with an all-new sculpt for his Ray Gun, which now also includes a blast-effect (yes, a blast effect for 4").  Lastly, we have added an "energy disc" that feeds additional power to this robotic tyrant.  Our 6" Skeletron will also include all this, and perhaps a bit more...

That is all for now, and please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about shipments that are currently in transit to you.  The best way to reach us is at [email protected], though we are happy to hear from you through any method that is convenient to you.  We look forward to all of you having these in-hand very soon!


Nostalgia & Innovation | Phase B Fulfillment
about 1 month ago – Sun, Jan 21, 2024 at 01:33:00 PM

Hello Roboskullers!

We're thrilled to share that our trio of PHASE B action figures have landed in the United States and are making their way from the West Coast to our New Jersey fulfillment center.  We fully expect shipments to you to commence this month, and thank you to everyone who sent us their updated shipping information!  As a reminder, this phase is for 4" Marauder WOLF TROOPER, 4" Marauder GYRE WOLF, and 3.75" Grindstone Retro O-ring SKELETRON/WOLF TROOPER. 

With this next shipment imminent, there are a couple more things we'd like to share with you about this phase:

Grindstone 3.75" Retro O-Ring Wolf Trooper/Skeletron

You've seen the Retro O-ring figure and we've shared the art that former GI Joe packaging artist, Douglas Hart, has created for this figure.  Despite all we've shown, the final carded Retro packaging design has been kept under wraps.  Seeing an action figure for the very first time, hanging from the pegs at a local store, was truly a childhood joy.  For those of you who pledged for this Retro O-ring figure, we hope you'll see this figure, complete in Retro packaging, for the very first time when it arrives at your front door.  Though we can't fully recapture the magic of yesteryear, we hope this figure hits your nostalgia buttons in all the right ways.  Then rip that bubble open, gear him up, and enjoy the Retro glory!  

Special thanks to Troy McKie and John Kukovich of Grindstone Toys for taking us down this beautiful, nostalgic path.


For 4" action figure fans with a more modern sensibility, welcome to the next level.  As previously revealed, we've incorporated thigh swivels, boot swivels, and ankle rockers into Marauder's awesome action figure system.  For those of you who are truly articulation fanatics, we have one more enhancement to reveal to you.  

Some backstory: Many of you may know that our colleague, Dave Proctor, is an industry veteran who has previously worked extensively at Hasbro, was one of the founders of Boss Fight Studio, and continues to be a driving force in bringing countless action figures to life for independent toymakers.  Dave is truly one of the action figure obsessed.  He's an amazing sculptor and engineer who also happens to have "the knack" for posing action figures.  Every action figure pose he strikes is just cool.  

In Dave's quest to make the best action figures and pose them for maximum effect, he's developed an innovative articulation enhancement that is small, but significant.  Dave has invented and added something that we initially called a "Trick Elbow" or "Tilt Elbow" to further increase the range of articulation, and more easily allow our new 4" action figures the ability to sight down on our ZG rifles.  Check it out:

4" WOLF TROOPER \ Photo by Eddie Merriken aka @billykessler

The above image is a final production figure, photographed by our good friend, Eddie Merriken.  Eddie is an amazing photographer and was very quick to discover and comment that these figures pose better and more easily than he had imagined they would.  Thank you, Eddie!

Special thanks to Marauder John for partnering with us to bring our Red Shadows® to his world of Marauder Task Force!

Our next correspondence should be shipment notices from our fulfillment center (they'll be in your spam folder, no doubt), and we also plan to post another Kickstarter update before month's end. (With a rumored appearance from Skeletron, himself.)



Happy New Year from SKELETRON!
about 2 months ago – Sun, Dec 31, 2023 at 08:50:37 AM

Dear Roboskullers,

Happy New Year!  We hope you've had a wonderful holiday season filled with joy and laughter.  As we usher in the New Year, we're excited to share this update.

PHASE B | Shipments En Route! 🌊 

Great news!  Our trio of PHASE B action figures are currently on the water and making their way to our US fulfillment center.  As soon as the cargo docks in New Jersey, we'll be deploying your rewards. Prepare to welcome 4" Marauder WOLF TROOPER, 4" Marauder GYRE WOLF, and 3.75" Grindstone Retro O-ring SKELETRON/WOLF TROOPER into your collection!  If you've recently changed your shipping details, please send us a message with your updated address right away. A big thank you to everyone who has already sent us their updated information!

4" Wolf Trooper, 4" Gyre Wolf, and 3.75" Retro Skeletron/Wolf Trooper are en route

 PHASE C | Roboskull MKII Update 💀 

Tooling revisions are still occurring to get every piece of the Roboskull MKII exactly right.  Here's a test shot featuring the large cannon blast effects and the penetrating gaze of the Roboglow eyes:

Roboskull MKII test shot with Cannon Blast effects & Roboglow Eyes

PHASE D | SIX-INCH Figure Update  

We recognize that many of our backers are not collectors of Modern 4" or Retro O-ring and are simply anticipating the delivery of our stretch goal 6" figure line.  Our team is also working hard on six-inch and progress continues to be made.  Check out the steel below and stay tuned for future updates as we bring these figures to life at 1:12 scale:

6" figure tooling is in process


Responding to several requests from our backers, we recently posted images in SKELETRON SECRET LAB, and then to our Skeletron Instagram comparing the size of the Roboskull MKII to the HasLab G.I. Joe Classified Series H.I.S.S. Tank.  We purchased several HasLab H.I.S.S. Tanks for ourselves and were blown away by how awesome they are!  Even our most discerning collector friends found tremendous joy in receiving the H.I.S.S. for the holidays.  Congratulations and Thank You to the Classified HasLab team and to everyone who supported it!

Join the conversation in SKELETRON SECRET LAB!

As always, we'll be communicating specific timing and other details as we receive the information.  Thank you for continuing to be a part of this journey as we enter 2024 - The Year of the Roboskull!



Thanksgiving Update
3 months ago – Thu, Nov 23, 2023 at 09:21:24 AM

Happy Thanksgiving!

We wish you the happiest of holidays, and a wonderful Thanksgiving Day to all our American Roboskullers!  As we prepare for a day of gratitude (and so much eating) with our families, we'd like to provide you with a brief, but exciting Thanksgiving update.

Firstly, production is ongoing with the Grindstone Retro O-ring Wolf Trooper/Skeletron figure, Marauder 4" Wolf Trooper, and 4" Marauder Gyre Wolf figure!  They will be ready very soon, and depart for the US in about 2 weeks. (Reminder, pre-orders for these 3 figures closes on November 30th.)  Though we hoped to place these into your hands before year-end, we believe these will be delivered to your door in January. (Please send us a message with your new address by December 15.) Here are a few photos from the factory floor:

Factory images of Retro Wolf Trooper, 4" Marauder Wolf Trooper, and 4" Marauder Gyre Wolf

Secondly, we are SO EXCITED to show you the very first image of our fully-assembled first shot of the Roboskull MKII!  It looks fantastic!  After reviewing this assembled MKII unit, we now have mold adjustments across multiple components to be made before production commences.  Check it out!

ROBOSKULL MKII Assembled First Shot (First components out of steel tooling)

Lastly, we simply want to express our deep gratitude to everyone who has supported us, and continues to support us.  We don't often mention it, but our families are absolutely wonderful and totally support us in everything we do- even when it's working on a Kickstarter update on Thanksgiving morning!  We also continue to be blown away by the collaborative support of our fellow toymakers in the action figure industry.  From latest start-up, all the way to the biggest toy companies in the world, there are so many good people in this industry.  Thank you to the owners, the managers, the marketers, the designers, the artists, the sculptors, the engineers, and the factory workers for being not only talented, but also SO COOL.  We continually find that the people behind so many of our favorite toy lines are also great people, too.  Thanks also to the showrunners, the YouTubers, the podcasters, the photographers, and the toy store employees.  To everyone in the industry who has taken the time to support us, to chat with us and share information, or offer advice and make recommendations- thank you!   And of course, we would not be here at all without YOU-  the toy fans and backers!  We hope our gratitude is felt by you in every update we make, and on this Thanksgiving Day, we hope you again hear our resounding "THANK YOU" for making this Roboskull dream become a reality.  Your support and continued graciousness during this ongoing journey is so, so appreciated.