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ROBOSKULL™ MKII collector vehicle, RED SHADOWS™ Marauder action figures, and more! For lovers of 80s toys, robots, spaceships, and skulls!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

The People, the Paintmasters, the Progress
8 months ago – Fri, Jun 23, 2023 at 06:57:44 PM


It was truly wonderful to see our friends at Joefest two weeks ago!  Thanks to everyone who stopped by to chat with us and to see our progress.  We also spoke with so many collectors who were new to the project that we made the impromptu decision to re-open our Pre-order Store (which is still open now).  And just in case you missed it, Cory Cantelupe (who was previously working on Hasbro's GI Joe Classified) was in attendance with Mark O'Byrne.  We are beyond thrilled to have Cory working with us on this project, and his expertise and enthusiasm have already been invaluable as we work towards fulfilling this project (more on that below).  Cory would also like to extend his thanks and appreciation for the overwhelmingly warm welcome he received from everyone at JoeFest this year!

Cory Cantelupe & Mark O'Byrne at JoeFest in Augusta, Georgia


As part of our JoeFest display, we showcased some fresh updates, which included ROBOSKULL MKII box packaging (thanks to Brian Sauer), two new 4" paintmasters (thanks to Alex Wu), and our 6" Wolf Trooper paintmaster (thanks to Fredrick Faith):

Marauder 4" JUNGLE WOLF TROOPER Paintmaster (painted by Alex Wu)
Marauder 4" GYRE WOLF Paintmaster (painted by Alex Wu)
Marauder 6" WOLF TROOPER Paintmaster (painted by Fredrick Faith)


We continue to see progress on this project from the factory.  The second round of test shots has been received on our Retro O-ring figure, and we are proceeding with a third, revised test shot to get everything just right.

We've also now received PVC first shots for the 4" Wolf Trooper & Company.   The ABS molds are still in process, so Dave Proctor went ahead and "kitbashed" our PVC first shots together with existing Marauder Task Force figures.  Check it out!

Marauder 4" WOLF TROOPER
Marauder 4" BLOOD WOLF (with Brechin head!)
Marauder 4" GYRE WOLF (aka Gary Goggles Head)
Marauder 4" RED WEASEL

It's great to see the progress on the PVC parts, though we obviously need the ABS tooling to complete the figures and proceed further with the 4" figure production.   Tooling has also started with the ROBOSKULL MKII, but the pace of progress over the last month has not matched what we planned for.  Given our current state of completion, we feel we must revise our anticipated delivery dates, which are now as follows: 

PHASE A | COMPLETE (early shipment)



  • Retro O-Ring SKELETRON/WOLF TROOPER figure
  • 4" Marauder WOLF TROOPER figure
  • 4" Marauder GYRE WOLF figure
  • ROBOSKULL Vinyl Record


  • ROBOSKULL MKII vehicle with 4" Marauder BLOOD WOLF pilot
  • ROBOSKULL MKII SE vehicle with 4" Marauder RED WEASEL pilot
  • 4" Marauder JUNGLE WOLF TROOPER figure


  • 4" Marauder SKELETRON figure
  • 6" Marauder SKELETRON figure
  • 6" Marauder WOLF TROOPER figure
  • 6" Marauder GYRE WOLF figure
  • 6" Marauder JUNGLE WOLF TROOPER figure
  • TOTAL ROBOSKULL Deluxe Hardcover Book

We are very sorry to report that our schedule has slipped further,  and given the delay in fulfillment that is being experienced, we plan to ship the project in multiple phases to accommodate backers as best we can.  This schedule may yet change again, and we will communicate the best, most accurate information we have to you.   We take the timing of delivery seriously, and we've added resources (like the expertise of Cory Cantelupe, for example) to make every effort to deliver quality products as quickly as possible.   We fully recognize that delays are disappointing, and we appreciate your patience and positivity on this project so, so much.   In addition to absorbing the added shipping costs to phase fulfillment, we will also be offering some product upgrades as a "thank you" for your continued patience and support.  We'll be sharing those upgrades with you in the months ahead, which will add value and not negatively impact delivery dates.  We also feel great about offering something a little extra to further demonstrate our deep appreciation for all of you.

Thank you!


9 months ago – Sun, May 21, 2023 at 07:37:38 AM


Hello, Roboskullers!

Toiling in our underground lair, with most of our 4" Marauder action figures now in tooling, it is time for us to reveal one of our secrets:  Our 4" Wolf Trooper, Blood Wolf, Red Weasel, Jungle Wolf Trooper, and Gyre Wolf figures will all feature enhanced articulation!   We've added thigh cuts, boot cuts, and rocker ankles to improve the poseability of these 4" figures:


This articulation has also been added with consideration to the aesthetic impact, and the figures remain as visually stunning as we've always intended.  We are working to deliver the best toys possible, and are excited for you to enjoy this enhancement when you create epic Red Shadows battles!

The response to our carded Assassin Skeledrones has been phenomenal, and just in case you missed them, they are back in-stock at our newly-updated website:


We appreciate all the kind words we continue to receive regarding the quality of the Assassin Skeledrones product and packaging.   With Ken Kelly's passing last year, we've also been asked who will continue on and complete the packaging art for the remaining figures.   We couldn't be happier with the artist who is building upon what Ken started with us, and this story (along with the Wolf Trooper packaging art) will be revealed in the next issue of TOYCOLLECTR magazine!

We've enjoyed the depth and quality of content that TOYCOLLECTR has been putting into their print magazine for its first five issues, and we're honored that SKELETRON will have this new story featured in the next issue-  we hope you'll check it out!

We'll be seeing TOYCOLLECTR, along with so many of our friends in less than three weeks at JoeFest in Augusta, Georgia!   We'll be in the same spot as last year, lined up next to some of our favorite people from Marauder "Gun-Runners", Grindstone Toys, and Raginspoon!


We are also making progress on the Roboskull MKII, Retro O-ring figure, and 6" figures, so stay tuned for more updates!   Hope to see you at the show!


P.S.  Please take a look at "My Palitoy Story", an illustrated history of a famous British toy company, by fellow collaborator and legend, Bob Brechin!  LIVE ON KICKSTARTER!

Proposed Front Cover - Not final design

O-Ring First Shots!
10 months ago – Sat, Apr 22, 2023 at 08:10:52 PM

Hello Roboskullers,

We've received in-hand First Shots of our Retro SKELETRON/Wolf Trooper Figure, and they look fantastic! 

Photos courtesy of Dave Proctor

As expected, some small adjustments to the molds will need to be made and then we'll receive updated test shots prior to final production.

First Shot definition, courtesy of Joe Declassified & 3DJoes

Progress is also being made on all other fronts, and tooling has commenced for our Marauder 4" Wolf Trooper/Blood Wolf/Red Weasel/Gyre Wolf figures!

The Roboskull™ MKII, Roboknight Heavy Metal Armor, and Elite Flight Stand currently reside with our experienced action figure vehicle partner in Hong Kong.  We expect there will be just one additional review in the next few weeks before tooling commences for the Roboskull and accessories.   Here's a peek at a couple of sculpting detail upgrades being incorporated into the production of the Roboskull MKII:

Our highly-detailed 6" Red Shadows™ figures continue to progress, and the technical articulation/engineering is being worked on for our completed 6" figure sculpts.

4" & 6" Skeletron™ figures are currently further behind the rest of the figures, though they may yet catch up with the Wolf Pack.   The first draft of the TOTAL ROBOSKULL hardcover is complete, and will no doubt be ready for print as soon as we complete the final product photo shoot.  Finally, for those of you who pre-ordered the Roboskull Vinyl album, it is in production and we expect it will be ready to ship with the next wave of toys.  The final double-sided album cover is below-  Happy Record Store Day!


So, where does all this put us on our delivery schedule?  Even with continued progress on all products, we feel that the overall pace of progress is putting our late summer target at risk.  We are continuing to push for late summer, and believe it is likely that we will split shipping into a wave of toys as we await the completion of the balance of products.  We sincerely apologize for the additional time that is needed for us to complete this Kickstarter, and we GREATLY appreciate your patience and continued support!   We will continue to keep you updated, and we are committed to delivering everything as quickly as possible, without compromising the quality we all expect.



Marching Ahead
11 months ago – Sun, Mar 19, 2023 at 07:37:27 PM

Hello Roboskullers!

Progress continues from the Red Shadows Secret Lair!   We have resources working on 3-3/4" Retro figure, 4" figures, the Roboskull MKII, the accessories, and the 6" figures-  Everything!   And though we still have a long way to go, we feel very good about the work that's been completed over the last month.  Here are a couple of update pics straight from the factory- CHECK OUT THAT LASER SWORD IN STEEL!

Retro steel tooling & first shot sprues

 SKELETRON will again be in attendance at JoeFest this year, June 9th-11th!  Mark O'Byrne will be leading the charge to Augusta and SKELETRON will be in the same location as last year, flanked by our good friends and partners, MARAUDER "GUN-RUNNERS" and GRINDSTONE TOYS.  

JoeFest 2023 | JUNE 9-11

 JoeFest is a good show and a great time, so if you haven't attended in the past- we highly recommend it!


Photo by Eddie Merriken, aka @billykessler on Instagram

 As always, thanks for your continued support!!!


Valentine's Day! 💘
about 1 year ago – Tue, Feb 14, 2023 at 10:53:40 AM

Hello Roboskullers,

Ah, Valentine's Day!   We hope this is a day with a bit of extra love and affection for us all.  And so we're taking a moment to reflect upon our fondness and appreciation for our team, our families, and for all of you!

But first, a quick status update:  Though factory progress had been temporarily halted during Chinese New Year, things are again moving and we should see additional tooling progress soon.   We also continue to make progress on other details and facets of the project- decos, tampos, packaging, and more all continue to develop, and we'll be following up with another update for you in the near future!

Handsome Retro Wolf Trooper ❤️🖤

On to our Valentine's Day Love List...

We're sending our love to all the content creators out there!  Thank you for the countless hours poured into toy collector content-  we have appreciated your support so, so much.  Thank you to Chris, Kevin, Ryan, and Travis at A Toy Kinda Mood & the Island of Misfit Toys! Thank you Mark & Tim at Talking Joe! Thank you, Jason, Joel, and Alexander at the Order of Battle Podcast!  Thanks to the GI Joburg gang!  Thanks David T. Allen and Dreadnoks Garage and Uncle Bob's Vintage Toys!  Thank you Ken at Toy Kennections!  Thanks to Christopher George and Dave Wonder and  Viper 9 toy videos!  Thank you Dan at Toy Galaxy!  Thank you to Robo at the Fwoosh!  Thanks WOJM team!  And thanks to Chris, aka Diagnostik80, at The Full Force!  And thank you to everyone who made a video, or a pod, or a post!

Hugs and kisses to our toy slingin' friends at Kokomo Toys, Midwest Vintage Toys, Roma Collectibles, The Toy Department, and Toy de Jour!  Thanks also to all the toy makers out there, big and small, who have inspired and supported us!

We continue to have new and amazing talent collaborate with us:  Thank you Cosmic Orphan, Douglas Hart, Eddie Merriken, Erik Mona, Fred Aczon, Gary G, George Greenoe, Guy Cassaday, Jason Sobol, Jf Lemay, John Jett, Kuen Siang Chua, Malley Design, Paul Kirschstein, Ryan Costello, Sean Glenn, Shan Conway, Thomas O'Mahony, Tim Baron, Wordburglar, Zane Olson and so many more!

Thank you once again to the Kickstarter team of Alex Wu,  Bob Brechin, Christopher McLeod, Dave Proctor, Kate McLeod, MJ Sullivan, & Troy McKie.  Thank you Angelos Karderinis, Brandon Lacy, Brian Hickey, Brian Sauer, David Schneider, Ian Kennedy, John Kukovich, Justin Ross, Ken Kelly, Mark Seddon, Paddy Lennon, and Scott Jennings!  Thank you to Chen & Eddie and their teams!

Much love to our wonderful families who continue to support our toy obsessions and aspirations!

And again, thank YOU, our Roboskullers!  Thank you for making this project happen, and thank you for your continued support as we work towards making it a reality!